BlackRapid Feature

The buzz this time is literally a “buzz” because it was a feature on the BlackRapid Buzz!  Ha!

I see hundreds of product reviews for BlackRapid straps, but not many make it onto The Buzz.  Thanks for the feature, BR!

Just from this snapshot of the homepage, you can see that BlackRapid has no shortage of awards for its products.


My featured review:


Holy smokes!!!

I don’t think I can ever get used to seeing a profile pic of my head at THAT size!  I almost fell outta my chair when I first saw the page.

And check out the size of that Facebook button… love it!  It’s like I took the blue pill (or whatever color it was in Alice in Wonderland) where I shrunk and everything became huge!  🙂

#BlackRapidBuzz #productreview

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