I can tell you how the blanket is made up of Penna’s mom’s angora sweaters or that the handmade mobile over the crib represents the baby’s family members.  I can talk about the ring Penna is wearing, and how she got it after hearing her baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

But I won’t.

There are stories behind every object and backdrop and nook in this North Bay Lifestyle Shoot, and they are all meaningful and touching.  Here’s the problem…

Once I look at this little man’s face, I am in the present.  I forget about history, that I have a headache, and even the news of the World.  Bodhi (pronounced “Boe-dee”) has that effect on me!  Just look at his squishy cheeks, those soulful eyes, the perfectly messy soft curls on his head, his flirty smile, and the delicious fat rolls…and you’ll see what I mean.

Alright, you may begin ogling now.  (That means me!)  🙂

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