Boys Will Be Boys

Yesterday evening’s East Bay family photography session was of the W Family who will be moving to the mid-West next week.

What a big change that will be!  So to send them off in style, we had an emergency session.  🙂

The Best UN-posed Pose

Rykan (almost 4) did this Superman-like pose on his own.  Tavin (one of the twins) was showing us something in his hand.  And Kale (the other almost-2 year old twin) was watching his mom and dad.

They were all doing something different, but they were altogether, so they look unified and darling.  (Okay, so they may have been trapped on top of a stump.  Shhhh.)

Close Your Eyes

For doing such a great job doing the UN-pose, I had a little reward for them.  I hadn’t planned on taking a shot of them waiting for the reward, but you can feel their eagerness in how they are clenching their fists and see how much concentration they have by how tightly they closed their eyes.  Oh, I had to get a shot of that!

[Photography Tip:  Take your shot of the expected photo moment.  But don’t forget the moment immediately before or after!]

The Reveal

If you could only hear their squeals of delight once they opened their eyes!

The Twins

I was in love with Kale’s dreamy eyes, as you can see why here!

And I adored Tavin’s laughter, which was that kind of rolling chuckle that makes everyone chuckle with him.

The Big Brother

Rykan was a great big brother who held his brothers’ hands, even when they resisted (hee hee).  And he helped them climb fences when they were stuck.

He was also my best friend for the evening!  Very soon into the shoot, Rykan held my hand, hid behind me when he was scared, and just paid me lots of attention.  I even got 2 hugs from this charming fella!  All you 4 year old girls reading this blog are jealous, aren’t you?!! 😉

Daddy’s Choo-Choo Train

Loading Up the Kids

This is the 4th shoot I can think of where I have photos of the kids getting in the car at the end of the shoot.  I think it’s because there is always a period of time at the end when I talk to the adults.

Ahhhh….boys will be boys!  😉

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