Brayden and Tyler

We had cancelled our Sunday photoshoot because every weather report said it was going to rain all day.  In fact, it said there would be THUNDERSTORMS!  But then we all woke up that morning and it was dry, so I called Andra, and we met at the park right away before the pesky rain clouds arrived!  It was cold and brisk, but not too cold to run, jump, laugh and climb!

Brayden is 3 1/2 yrs and Tyler is 13 months.

I like this photo because it’s natural and not posed.  The parents are each carrying a child, but they are staggered.  I also love the way Andra looks in this photo.  She has an incredible profile.


Andra and Brayden playing together…


I love the layout of this photo.  Everything is askew.  The position of Brayden’s head and the fact that you only see his face (and not his entire head) makes you focus on his expression.  You also get a sense for why Brayden is upside down (Andra is flipping him over) because you see Andra’s long hair and pants.  I also love the “white space” (okay, it’s not actually white), which shows a variety of textures:  a sandy path, stones, and a peek of grass.


Here is “Bear” – Baby Ty!  He is so cuddly and cute.  I love the distinct swirl of his hair and how his shoes and sweater matched his hair.  Don’t you just want to squeeze him?!!


This tree made a good backdrop because the wide expanding branches created a pattern that covers most of the frame.  The colors of the tree and the leaves are also color coordinated with the family’s attire, which looks cool.  Mostly, I like this shot because it is a happy, natural shot of the family.  And I love that the kids are laughing AND looking at me while the parents are looking at the kids!


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