Brenda’s 70th Birthday Photoshoot

This morning I had a 9-person photoshoot.  Everyone looked like they could be a model, including the kids and grandma!

It is hard to believe… Brenda turned 70 this Thursday!  I would be thrilled if I could look that good when I turn 60!


Her sons, Peter and Kenny, got their families together to celebrate Brenda’s big birthday with a photoshoot!

I know this sounds biased, but I truly think that photos and photoshoots make the absolute best gifts!

Here are just a few of my favorites to share with you. (It was really hard to resist “giving away the farm”.  I have sooooo many favorites!)


This is Alex who turns 6 this Summer.  Her eyes are mesmerizing.


Next oldest is Sofia (5).  This is one of my favorite “mood shots”.


Meet Sammy (almost 4).  Sammy has these beautiful onyx eyes and curvy smile.

I love this photo because her dark hair and eyes really stand out in the blown-out (overexposed) lower portion of the photo.


Here is Stella (3.5).  Stella is an independent thinker.  She is a leader, not a follower.

These are undoubtedly great traits to have, but made group photos a tiny bit trickier.  (Both my kids are like this, so I know how it is!)   <:)

Stella let her fun-loving personality emerge once the girls were given the go-ahead to play.  Stella instantly warmed to me.

A little voice kept saying:  “Annie, come over here!”  And she’d stick to me like glue.  Now if I wasn’t getting paid to take photos, I’d put my camera down and play with her!


Seriously!  Isn’t this one of the cutest photos ever?!!


Another of my favorite “mood shots”.  I love the sun glare, how the wind is blowing her hair, the hard lines of the play structure against the crazy trees…


I took several posed shots of the 4 girls together, which are sweet, but I am partial to the editorial ones.

This is hands-down my favorite of the 4 girls.  Reminds me of Norman Rockwell paintings because the girls are so expressive.  Their faces and body language tell a nice story.  🙂


Hee hee… this photo is so funny of the girls playing together!

The uniformity of the subjects give this photo an artistic quality.


This is one of the cutest candid family shots… Kenny and Carlo with their stunning daughters!


There were so many amazing shots from this shoot.  These are just some of my favorite “unexpected” shots.

Stay tuned for your full family gallery, S Family!

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