Bunnies in the Garden

I had a photoshoot today of some bunnies in a garden.

Okay, it was more like a family with 3 children — Kai (8), Maya (6) and Nina (3) — who pretended to be bunnies on and off throughout the morning!

We just had a photoshoot last October, so the kids remembered me and were VERY comfortable around me.  I say “very” because there were times I couldn’t take photos of them because they were playing with ME, so they were too close for my camera to focus!  And I clearly recall being tickled by the girls!

They were so cute, and I geniunely had a good time.  I’ve said this many times before, but photographing former clients is just like getting together with friends… except that I have a camera!

Here are a few photos to share with you…

Two Bunnies and a Dog

Nina with her Favorite Stick

The lighting was so soft and diffused.  I seized the opportunity to have Nina sit here for my photo that I envisioned, and luckily I am a fast shooter because this moment was truly 1 second short!  I also like this photo because you can tell how happy Nina is with a simple stick!


Mom and the Girls

This is my favorite shot of Keiko with the girls.

It was pretty much a cloudy, overcast morning; but at this moment, the sun came out in this gloriously romantic way.  They almost look like angels with halos from the way the light illuminated their hair.

Playing with Dad

I love this photo of Alex.  The kids were playing with him, and I caught him in a burst of laughter.  His joy is pure and natural.

Sisterly Love

Though they are 3 years apart in age, Maya and Nina look like twins here.  I love their curly pig tails and their matching blue seashell dresses.

They say you either shoot mainly in landscape or portrait orientation, and I thought I was the exception until now.  I guess I shoot a lot of vertical (portrait orientation) shots as seen in this blog!  So I’ve saved one of my favorite landscape orientation shots for last!


I had to think of games to play to get the kids together for photos.  With this widespread age group, you can’t demand them to do anything for the camera.  The smiles have to be natural.

I love this photo of the kids because you can see on their faces that they are having fun. 

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