Camera Hog

A new client?  Super.

A photoshoot that felt more like hanging out with friends?  Love it!!!

A photoshoot where the parents tell me their son has never cooperated this well in front of the camera before?  YEEEEHAAA!

But all three?!! Today’s lifestyle shoot had me skipping for the rest of the day.  🙂

“Camera Hog”

Allegedly (tee hee, I love that word), Matthew had never cared much to have his photo taken, but today, his dad called him a “camera hog”.


I grew pretty fond of this little “camera hog”!  Matthew was so cute because he really liked me…

He followed me around, did whatever I said, and got upset when his dad talked to me because that took my attention away from him!


Princess M

Can’t wait til little M discovers her toes!  I heard those are tasty too! 


Watching Baby M


Some Favorite Family Moments

How do you get an almost-3 year old to laugh?

Let’s just say if this was the King’s Court, then I was the Jester!  Ha ha.  I didn’t mind at all… my antics made everyone laugh!


The lines, the balance, the lights vs darks…. I’m in Art Heaven!


You’re on TV!


Beautiful Mommy of Two

I love this candid shot.  Jenny was looking around and waiting for the rest of the family.


I had 28 photos I wanted to blog about, but that would be the longest client sneak peek ever (for any photographer)!  I’d have to change the name from “sneak peek” to “a long gander” or “please sit and stay awhile”!   =:D

So, Tim and Jenny, you’ll have to wait til later this week for your full gallery!  I had a great time today.

Thank you for welcoming me into your home to photograph your beautiful family!



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