Car and Driver Photography: RL and Aston

Yesterday afternoon, I got to style and shoot RL and his new Aston Martin.  Car and Driver Photography is incredibly exciting to me!  I am a car fanatic, so finding the best angles, composition, lighting and location to highlight a nice ride, like an Aston Martin, is great fun!  I enjoyed every second of it.

Here are a few images to share…

Driving on Windy Roads

Every car and driver photoshoot should have action shots!  And where better to test out an ultra low, super smooth sports car than a windy road in the hills?!!

We were only going 31 here because when we were going faster, I couldn’t shoot because I was holding on to the car for dear life!   😉


Sexy & Sultry

In this shot, I focused on the “face” of the car because the lines are so sexy!  I also loved how the reflection of the palm trees broke up the symmetry of the car.


This is it!  When I knew I was going to shoot this car, I mentally styled the shot:  I wanted a side view of the car on a small windy road with tall trees and green hills behind it.

It always feels great to get the shot I had envisioned prior to the shoot!  Ahhhhh.

The bonus:  deer grazing in the hills!


The Details

The side mirrors automatically turn inward after you take the key out of the ignition.


Flush door handles.

At one time during the shoot, I was being chased by a large angry dog!  I had to run back to the car for safety (no kidding), but when I got to the passenger side door, I didn’t know how to open the car door!  It was pretty funny in hindsight, but lesson learned!  Next time I need to learn how to open these fancy car doors before heading to remote areas where there are territorial animals!


I love the 3 types of material in this image:  metal, concrete and grass.


Interior details.

I drooled over the dash, the center console, the hand-stitched leather, the analog clock… (Must.  Stop.  Drooling.  Again.)


The Driver:  RL

This image puts the focus on the car and RL is more of an “accessory”, or an accent to the car.


RL was such a great model.  I’ll have to do another shoot of him some other time!  🙂


I am in love with this shot!

Here, I wanted to make the car more abstract by putting RL in the middle and surrounding him with the maze-like pattern of the trees and their reflection.  Without seeing more of the car, you really can’t tell what it is.


This shot focuses more on RL, and uses the car as his “accessory” rather than the other way around by revealing only a part of the car.

We also changed location, and the tall evergreen trees provided an entirely different feel to this image.


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