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Back in November 2009, I did a commercial shoot for Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore.  (Click here to read that blog post.)

They wanted me to shoot a cover photo for their new CD, Engage, which was due to be out in time for Christmas!  The people at Cornerstone loved the images (YAY!!!!) that they upgraded the CD packaging in order to feature multiple images and so they could have a CD case that people would keep (a hard Digipak).  I was tickled with excitement!  What a compliment.

Here are a couple images of the CD, so you can see which images they chose…

Front of CD


Back of CD


(FYI to photographers:  My mini studio setup consisted of a set of stairs, the overcast light from the nearby window, Lawrence’s giant sweater that he never wears, and my Nikon!  I know what you’re thinking:  Sa-weet setup!)

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