Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Saturday’s lifestyle family photography session was in a location where 4-year old Jason could see a train.  We were hoping for one, maybe two, trains passing by.  Instead, one seemed to go by every 5 minutes!

Tracks in Solitude

I took this while waiting for the S Family to arrive.

It was incredibly peaceful to see the tracks without the hustle and bustle of crowds and trains.  Only the rising sun, the tracks and me.

In Anticipation

Getting Ready

Eager and Excited

…and maybe a tad scared too.

Waving Hello

…and goodbye.


Those were killer shoes and having matching ones for little Clara made it so much fun!

Quiet Moments

Victor is a Papa Bear when he is with his cubs, Clara and Jason.  He is protective and loving, in a strong, understated way.

Every year, during their family shoots, I always capture these tender moments that show his Papa Bear side.  I love it.

Jason the Flying Squirrel

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