A photographer’s dream…

For the first half of their photoshoot, little 6-month old Clara smiled every time she heard the shutter!  For the second half, she was pensive and quiet, but still in a good mood.  The lighting was wonderful too, which isn’t always the case in San Francisco.  And the location — their home — was immaculate and decorated with an artistic flair, which made the perfect backdrop for every scene.  And then there was Pete and Erin, Clara’s parents, who were willing to try anything I suggested, easy-going, and cool as heck!

Favorite Family Shot

I love the symmetry of the parents directly behind Clara and their legs are almost perfectly mirrored.  I also love that it was brighter lit on Clara than her parents.  And just look at Clara’s expression!  Priceless.


Working in the Garden

The sweetest Gardener…



This shot is so cheerful with the expressions, patterns and colors.  It’s another favorite of mine… there are just too many!


Moments with Daddy



Front & Back

Here is what I saw in front of me:  Clara with her grandparents.


Here is what was happening behind me:  lots of rattling, shaking, wiggling, jumping, singing!

I had to turn around and get a shot of Erin and Pete!   🙂


Happy 6 Months, Clara!


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