Commercial Photography: SheetMusicPlus

I had a wonderful time yesterday shooting SheetMusicPlus, the World’s largest retailer for sheet music.

Since they are an online retailer (there is no brick and mortar store), it was a fun challenge to shoot their warehouse.

Some of the challenges were limited space to move around, low light, and the images needed to be landscape-orientation.

For an executive headshot, we moved this old piano into the warehouse to use as a prop.

[Specs:  This shot was taken with a 30mm at f/1.4, ISO 640, 1/500 sec.  The window light was on the right of my subject and I used a reflector to his left to fill in the light on his face.]

My favorite part of shooting this company was learning about their business and the people who work there.  For example, I learned that most of the employees are musicians!  Being at allows them to be in the music industry while they play their instruments or work on their music in the evenings and weekends.  So cool!

[Photography Tip:  Learn about your subjects, whether you are shooting a family, a wedding, a model, or a business.  It may help in sparking your creative vision for the shoot and build a relationship between you and your subjects.]

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