Commercial Photography: Super Franks Toddlers

If you live in the Bay Area, you have most likely heard of Super Franks, if not already frequented there!

It is THE nicest children’s entertainment center I’ve ever been to!  With real furniture, like leather club chairs, a Starbucks counter, real food that actually tastes good, and themed rooms that divide children by age groups, it is the best place to visit where everyone can enjoy themselves — toddlers, teens AND adults!

Yesterday’s commercial shoot at Super Franks was all about the little ones!

Super Franks has two rooms dedicated to toddlers and preschoolers:  Taught Town Safari Adventure Room and Taught Town Village.  And there is also the Mini Gym, appropriately called Sherman’s Tank because one large wall is glass, so parents can sit comfortably outside the room as kids go hog wild in the safe and staff-monitored room full of soft, fun toys and plasma cars!  At certain times, it is reserved for little ones, and other times, it is geared towards the older kids with zip lines!  You can check their schedule for times.

(To see my other shoots at Super Franks, click here to see facility shots and here for kids in action.)

Ok, sharing some of my faves from the day…

The New Deluxe Slide

And new ridable pony!


Look at all the monkeys!  Oh, and there are inflatable ones on the side!  😉


Taught Town Safari Adventure Room


Sherman’s Tank

The staff get to know the kids and enjoy seeing the same faces, as you can see here!


These little girls are listening intently to Frank (yes, THE Frank)!


Some kids kept coming towards me — or in this case, crawling towards me — when they saw me taking photos!  Tee hee.


It warms my heart to see dads playing with their kids.


If you haven’t been here yet and you have kids, you must check it out!

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