Couldn’t Ask For More

This Lifestyle Family Photography session had fun activities that resulted in high-pitched squeals as well as quiet activities that were so beautiful that pedestrians stopped to look.

My favorite time was this peaceful moment when Sabrina laid with her mom on a hilly slope and watched the leaves fall over them.  It was as if time had stopped for this to happen.  Had 5 minutes passed or 50?  It was really breathtaking.

By the way, if I could give out awards, I think Dave and Winnie would win a “Coolest Parents Award” because not only were they totally fine with their well-dressed kids getting wet during their shoot, but also, they encouraged it!  Right off the bat, Dave put his hand in the fountain (filled with rain water from the day before) and then sprayed Sabrina and Oliver’s faces!  My jaw dropped when I saw that!  Good thing Winnie came prepared with a suitcase of “just in case” clothes because it wasn’t long before Sabrina was soaked to the bone.

Winnie and Dave’s intention that day was to let their kids have fun and be themselves.  And well, the kids love water!  🙂

I couldn’t ask for more.

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