Deluxe CD Cases

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Only the best to showcase and protect your digital artwork!

Made of tin, these deluxe CD cases are durable, sleek and reusable.  I LOVE them and have been searching for them for about 10 months now — ever since I saw a version of this at a photography trade show!


This one is much nicer than the one I originally saw because there is a hinge that allows you to open the cover without chance of losing or misplacing it.

There is also a window to feature your photoshoot-specific, laser-etched image on your custom CD without opening the case.

And the CD itself snaps in by a rim around the edge, so the CD is tightly secured during shipping.


About 99% of my clients order a CD with their photoshoot, so I wanted to upgrade my cases to match the beautiful CDs.  My clients deserve a cool, modern way to protect their digital artwork!  🙂

Click here for my full product list with pricing.

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