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More than ever, I believe that happiness stems from being thankful -- not just for the big things in your life, but also the small everyday things -- and this means during all weathers of life.

I am thankful for big things, like my kids are healthy and safe. I am thankful for small things, like the sun is out to warm my face and nurture my garden; my littlest monkey gave me kisses and snuggles this morning; and I was able to start my day with my favorite coffee. I am also thankful for being able to photograph Brian and Ashley and meet their baby boy! Don't quote me, but I think we laughed 90% of the time! They are such a warm and wonderful couple who emit love when they're together that it is palpable. Now with Baby B, the love overflows.

Wishing you all a safe holiday of thankfulness. xo ~annie

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