Family on Wheels

There were 3 kids at today’s lifestyle shoot:  Tyler (12), Courtney (9) and Trevor (6).  And then there were the parents, Ted and Caroline.

Cream in the Oreo Cookie

Let me start with a little story about Courtney…

Despite any drama that may have occurred, Courtney was always smiling ear-to-ear and trying her best to spread her cheer.  Caroline explained that Courtney is “the glue” in the family, which I thought was very sweet to say.  But then she told me that even her teacher calls her “the cream in the oreo cookie” because she keeps everyone in class together!

I think we all need oreo cream in every family… and in every classroom!  🙂


The Ride

The C. Family brought their bikes and made it a photoshoot on wheels!  Yeeeeeeeha.


My Vision

When Caroline and I talked about the idea of riding bikes, this was one of the visions I had.  See below.

I love that they are perfectly spaced apart and centered, everyone looks fabulous, and Caroline is just a smidge ahead of the group, which is visually appealing.  (Okay, I admit.  We had to do several takes before we got it looking like this!  Shhhh, don’t tell.)

But what makes this image extra tasty is that awesome tree that hangs over the path!  Thus, I made sure to give the tree enough space when I composed the shot.

This photo makes me happy!  I think it’d look awesome as a large canvas or a large print, like a 20×30.  Seeing it as a small image doesn’t do it justice.  I’m just sayin’!


A Great Smile

Unlike some kids who feel self-conscious with braces, Courtney was the opposite!  She smiled wide, she smiled all the time… and her smiles were infectious!




Ted and Caroline

I LOVE this shot of them.  Look at their faces, their body language and the trees surrounding them.


I couldn’t help but notice the way they held onto each other — with their hands and arms interlocked.  Awww.


Behind Me

The reason for Ted and Caroline’s smiles was because these 2 goofballs were behind me making faces (and pretty scary ones, I might add!) 


Coming Together

After 2 hours of riding, racing, running, jumping, skipping rocks, playing “chicken”, giving piggy back rides, yelling, laughing, and making faces…

This is what I got in the end.  Love it!


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