Favorite Compositions

While working on the C. Family’s gallery, I kept falling in love with these two images whenever I saw them, so I wanted to share with y’all…

Intimate Moment with Baby

What I love about this image is not only that Baby Evan is looking directly into Dad’s eyes, but that you see Evan’s face and only parts of mom and dad’s faces.

The “tightness” of the shot where all three heads are either touching or overlapping in the frame enhances the feeling of intimacy.

There is just so much tenderness.


Circles of Light

Evan was doing his thing:  being cute and cuddly.  Since Evan is only 3 months old, so he doesn’t really do much else, so I took a bunch of photos in different angles and compositions to see what was most interesting.

This one was my favorite composition.  Tee hee.


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