Fly Like A Bird

The wet ground didn’t stop the S Family from having a lifestyle family photography session in San Francisco today!  The kids just wore their rain boots, so they could stomp anywhere they wanted, and they had an extra outfit in the car, just in case.  You can never be too safe, right?


Every year, Izzie is just getting sweeter and prettier and…*sigh*…I’m already reminiscing!

San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-photography-girl-wearing-retro-sweater-with-hood-back copy

The Way You Hold My Hand

Although Sophia just turned the ripe age of 3 (tee hee), she still shows signs that she is itty bitty.


Crystals on Clovers

There were beads of raindrops that sparkled like crystals on the clovers.  Now if only I had my macro lens with me…. ooh!


Sure He Looks Cute, But…

This little guy was no ordinary squirrel.  He would stop, turn and follow me with his eyes and body.

Have you ever been in “The Haunted House” at Disneyland where the eyes of framed wall portraits would follow you as you walked around?!!  It was like that.  Gulp.


Fly Like A Bird

Izzie was so cute.  She kept flying like a bird throughout the shoot.  Here, she is flying above me!


Trench Details

Sophia looked like a miniature spy in her black trench coat.  Well, a very STYLISH miniature spy!


The Combo

Sophia’s large dark eyes, long black bangs and pouty pink lips makes her look like a little doll.

I don’t know how her parents could ever say ‘no’ to her if she looks them straight in the eyes.  And watch out boys!


Funny Little Girls


Sweetness in the Sun


[Click here to see the S Family’s shoot from August 2010:  Bring It!]

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