Forest Fab Senior Portraits: Kristina

I had such a great afternoon with Kristina, who will be graduating from High School in 2 weeks!  Woot woot!

Kristina is an artist and a musician — though she is too humble and sweet to admit her talents.  🙂

[Photography Tip: A Senior Shoot should be one that shows off the Senior and her (or his) interests and personality!  The shoot cannot be a “cookie cutter” shoot where the poses are the same and only the subject is different.  It makes me cringe when I see others do that.  Not every 17 year old girl wants to lay down and look sexy, right?!!  Get to know your Senior and cater the shoot to them!]

My Fellow, Cello!

Really, the cello has a name!  It’s “Chunky”.  (Hey, this time I wasn’t the one doing the personifying!)  🙂


In a Field of Flowers


Sitting under a Textured Tree




Strumming a Tune in the Rain

Though we were cursing the rain (at least I was, in my head), it turned out to be a blessing in disguise — as most of life’s challenges are, right?

I did the second half of the shoot from a small covered area, which is where we got these guitar shots.  The light rain created this mystical mood by bouncing light off the raindrops.


Hanging out by the Barn Doors

As the rain came down harder, we sought out other places to shoot, which was great fun because this covered area provided an entirely different feel then the ones in the garden and woods!


Style Me Beautiful

After my e-session with the fabulous I+I duo (sorry – I had to temporarily remove those blog posts until a certain publication comes out with the article with those images), I was eager to shoot Kristina because I could throw in a few stylized shots!

Here is one of my favorites…

It looks like a dream or a set of a movie.


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