Gifts You Can Feel

During this season, it is easy to be lost in a retail holiday.  More than ever, we need to remember this holiday season is about…

Sharing love. 

Sharing laughs. 

Celebrating life and togetherness.

While I will still shop for the kids in my family, I will also make sure to teach my children that the holidays are about giving.  And the best gifts are those you cannot see, but can feel… in your heart.


Spending the morning with The R Family yesterday was a perfect example of this.

It was a relaxed morning of getting ready at their home and taking a walk around their neighborhood.  I captured Alexandra, Kent and William enjoying each other’s company as a family.  Simple and beautiful.

At Home

Staying Covered

When we finally made it outside, it was raining!  So we stayed in the covered area of their home for awhile.

Grab an Umbrella

William (2.5 years old) was our leader that day, and he said we should still go on our walk.  So we did.  🙂

A Cozy Spot

We found a cool tree for William and Bobo (that would be his monkey!) to climb in.

Below is one of my favorite shots from the shoot.  It represents Togetherness and Love without focusing on faces.

And where is this beautiful cozy spot, you ask?

Wait for it…

Wait for it….

Yep.  It’s another PARKING LOT!  That’s my 3rd parking lot shot in a month.  What can I say?  That’s how I roll!  😉

Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is all about shopping, taste-testing and seeing friends.

An Invitation

I think the No Parking sign was really an invitation — like warm brownies with a sign that says “don’t eat this” — so we parked ourselves there for awhile.  Ha!

I love the pop of color and the lines/shapes of the doors and windows.

When using a wide angle lens, you can see just where we were and where I was standing…

Yep, in an alleyway with dumpsters!  There was even broken glass by my feet.

[Photography Tip:  Keep your eyes open when looking for photography locations.  Cool locations can be anywhere!]

Heading Home

William was tired after our long walk in San Francisco, so he stopped at a bench to pretend he was napping.

We should all take notes from 2-year olds because they know what it means to enjoy simple pleasures… taking time to rest… making sure there is time to play… and laugh.  They tell you when they’re upset or sad or tired… or that they love you.

Enjoy the season and warm wishes to you all.



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