Hello Gorgeous: The Bossi Bag Product Review

What do you get when you are a woman who has fashion sense, loves photography, and needs a safe and stylish way to carry your camera?

You would get The Bossi bag by THEIT!

I am so excited about this product because I haven’t seen anything else like it on the market, so I couldn’t wait to share this with you! 

Pssst–you’ll even have a chance to win one!!!

When I’m out on a date with my hubs or out with a girlfriend, I would usually carry my DSLR by hand or throw it in a large purse and pray it doesn’t get damaged when I set my purse down.  Not ideal, by any means.

I know camera bags for women have been around for ages, but I haven’t seen anything that actually looked stylish enough to double as a purse.  They’ve all looked like…well, “camera bags”!



Overall Impressions

“Hellooooo, Gorgeous!” is what I thought when I first laid eyes on it.  The Bossi bag is where fashion meets function!

What I Love

1.  The antique brass hardware.  (Quality is key!)

2.  The long chain handle.  (It makes the purse look more chic.  Plus, I love having 2 carrying options.)

3.  The microfiber interior, so my gear won’t get scratched.  (The lens bag I carry at my shoots have this too, which I love.)

4.  The customizable inserts.  (I use them to compartmentalize my belongings, thereby keeping my camera separate and protected.)

5.  The tassel clip.  (It’s one of my favorite details!)

6.  It is super roomy.  (It can hold my big Nikon, a medium-size lens or two, all my purse belongings…and even a diaper.)

7.  The metal feet.  (Aaaah, the details!)

What Could Be Improved

1.  When the purse arrived, three of the zippers came stuck together (the parts that weren’t zipped up yet).  It only took a second to pull them apart by hand, and then the zippers worked smoothly and effortlessly.

As you can tell, I had to really  s t r e t c h  to find an area of improvement for this bag.  And the things I LOVE far surpass the one small inconvenience.   I would recommend this bag to any of my women friends!


The Front


The Back


The Interior

It is the perfect size for all my stuff when I am taking photos for fun or doing a small shoot — and want to look good doing it (or try to, anyway)!  🙂


I want to thank THEIT for sending me this bag to review.

I love The Bossi bags so much that they agreed to let me GIVE ONE AWAY to one of my devoted blog readers and FB fan!!!

Details will be posted soon, so keep an eye out!

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