Hey, Soul Sister

The first time I heard the Train hit, “Hey Soul Sister”, I thought of Myra.  Even now that I know the song is a love story, the recurring words “soul sister” and the peppy beat that always makes me shake my hips undeniably makes me think of my soul twin.

It was recently Myra’s birthday, so we did our usual Twin Day hangout.  (Click here to see last year’s Twin Day!)

Twin Day is a day of catching up, indulging in food, and doing anything we feel like that soothes our souls.  There is usually a lot of silliness and laughing during Twin Day.

Myra, aka Twin, aka My My, aka Soul Sister

She is one tan lady since her recent beach vacation!

A Delicious Treat

Well, one of the treats!  😛

What’s Interesting?

As we walked around, I shot things that I found interesting, which is usually about light, texture or emotion.

Snap Snap!

Thank you for letting me take photos of you, Myra!  And happy birthday!!!

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