Holding Hands

I love living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  There are so many places to visit and enjoy, and of course, shoot!  We have the woods, the beach, the city, suburban parks, and gardens.  Actually, there are more places, like my recent shoot on a boat in the Bay, but you get the idea.

This morning’s shoot was of an extended family in a garden.  Here are a few of the images to share…

A New Family

Remember Elaine, Victor and Jason?  I did their shoot in May right before they adopted little Clara.  Now they are a family of four!  Welcome little Clara!!!


Holding Hands

Below left: I composed this shot to show only parts of Elaine and Victor, which puts the emphasis on the kids and their relative size.  I also have a shot of them (full-bodied), but I find this more interesting.

Below right: I was trying to contain my excitement when Jason independently decided to hold Clara’s hand and lead her somewhere.  I mean, how often do toddlers do that?!!  I love the shot.


Couple’s Portraits

You don’t have to be engaged or on your wedding day to take couple’s portraits!  I love shooting couples, even if you’ve been married for 7 years, like Mike and Helen, and don’t feel like you have a reason to have photos taken.

Mike and Helen look so sweet here, and I am in love with that tree!


Formal vs Natural Family Portraits

I prefer natural because that’s my style:  editorial.  I love editorial style photography because it tells a story.  Years from now, you could look at them and memories will flood back…  “Remember that lovey he brought everywhere?”  “Oh, that’s when she was still wobbly!”

But I can’t deny, as a mom of three, I think it’s critical to get some more formal style shots too.  So I like giving families a bunch of everything.  That’s how I roll.


Lighting Up

When Jason smiles, his face lights up.  And so does his mom and dad’s faces when they see him smiling!


Princess Clara

This is my favorite shot of Clara.  I usually don’t show my absolute favorite shots because I like to keep my clients in suspense (hee hee), but I couldn’t resist.  Look how Clara is laughing so hard that she is leaning forward and you can see her little tongue!  So cute!

We won’t even get into what kind of funny noises I had to make to get this shot though!  🙂


Elaine’s Family

Everyone looks amazing.  ‘Nuf said!


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