Honest and Authentic

Yesterday, I got to see Susan for her children’s East Bay lifestyle photography session.  I’ve only seen Susan three times over three years, and even from those short times, I can tell she is a devoted, loving, hard-working mom.  Their photoshoots were usually of her sons, but with a little coercion — whoops, I mean, encouragement — she agreed to be in a few shots at the end of the shoot.

To no surprise, the shots with Susan ended up being my favorite shots of the day.  I think it’s because the images radiate love.


These images reveal a love that is honest and authentic… seeing them make me tear up!

The Boys

Ryan and Ian.  They are polite, gregarious, funny, and intelligent — all traits that would make a momma proud!

I affectionately title this series:  Eye Candy.   =:P

By the way, Susan says her younger son, Ian, is shy.  Well, not around me he isn’t!  🙂


It was wonderful to see you and your boys again, after three years.  If I wasn’t obvious, lemme tell ya:  I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!

Big hugs,


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