How To Photograph Shy Children

People sometimes underestimate the difficulty of photographing children, especially the toddler and preteen ages.  One of the many challenges Children Photographers can face is having a shy subject.

Here is a recent article I wrote for DPS (Digital Photography School) to help with the shyness problem you may encounter.  Hope it helps!

To read the article on DPS, click here.

[Side Note:  Sorry for the typo in the article.  I wrote this article at night before heading out on vacation.  I knew it wasn’t “perfect”, but I thought it could help more people if I submitted it earlier than later since I would be out-of-town for awhile.  I want to thank ALL of you who wrote comments and sent messages with positive notes about how the article helped them (instead of pointing out my typo — boo!) because that’s what keeps me inspired to write more! xo, annie]

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