Iconic San Francisco

Lifestyle Photography captures a slice of life.

Yesterday’s San Francisco Lifestyle Photography session was at a Farmer’s Market.  It combined urban street photography with family photography.  It was so fun!

Crossing Together

If you’ve been one of my clients, you know that your photoshoot ends and begins when I’m in the car or when I am so far away that I can’t possibly photograph you!  hee hee.

The F Family were crossing the street to meet me, and I just love the candidness of that.


Music and art make life more colorful.

Colors and Textures Galore

Even before I started my business, I loved going to Farmer’s Markets with a camera. 

Go Niners!

There were reminders everywhere that the San Francisco 49ers are in the Super Bowl!  Go Niners!


Dog Walking Himself

Being in the heart of San Francisco means you can feast your eyes on lots of fun randomness.  🙂

A Double Peek

I was peeking through the bars and Nina was peeking over the bars.

I love the foreground bokeh from the bars in front of my lens, and how there is the sliver of color and contrast where Nina is standing.  <3

Iconic San Francisco:  Bay Bridge and Fog

Through The Glass

Silliness Abound

Who says you have to be serious during your photoshoot?  Be yourself and you can’t go wrong.

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