If I Go Into Labor During The Shoot…

Lili is due any day now.  When she booked her session with me, I didn’t have any sooner openings, so I told her to keep the baby cooking in time for our photoshoot!  🙂

She wanted to capture images of her family — in its natural state — as a family of three… knowing that her family will be dramatically different once Baby is here!

Here are some of my favorites from today.  I had so many, so this is just a few…

Meet Sam

This little guy is 21 months old and soon-to-be a Big Brother!

Meet Sam’s Google Bear

His lovey, a teddy bear, wore a Google shirt…  well, sort of!  😉

Don’t Go Into Labor During The Shoot!

Lili is one model mama and oh-so strong!  She was able to run after Sam, hike in the woods, climb up and down the longest flight of stairs in San Francisco, and pretty much do everything any triathlete could do!

She also had a great attitude because the night before our shoot, I suggested that we switch locations to one that is flat for ease of moving around, and she responded with:  No, I’ll be fine hiking a little.  And if I go into labor, then that’ll be kinda cool!

Come Over Here

I love this family shot because Lili and Eddie look so darling in the background, and you see Sam’s mischievous look in the foreground… so you pretty much know he’s not heading towards his parents!

Ah, two year olds!  (I know about them because I have one too.)

Yoga Baby

Lili’s Baby Boy is a Yoga Baby!  I think prenatal Yoga is terrific for pregnant mamas’ physical and mental health.  Plus, it helps connect you with your baby spiritually.  (I did it with both my pregnancies, and not only loved it, but it also made labor easier.)

All Belly

If I had to draw a cartoon of Lili, I’d draw a big circle (her belly), a little circle on top and 4 thin sticks coming out from the large circle!

Come Now, Baby… I am Ready!

Lili is so cute here.  She is yelling out for the baby to come.

Urban Family

And I will end this post with a funny photo….

Run Google Bear, Run!

When I saw Sam running up the hill with his lovey, I knew I wanted to capture the back of him and his shadow.

I love that the focus is on the shadow and Sam is running off the page.  And by capturing the back of Sam and Google Bear, it highlights how Google Bear is traveling!  Poor Bear.  😉

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