J Crew Kids

Today’s Bay Area family photography session was of a family whose children — I swear — looked like they walked right out of a J Crew catalog!

Aside from their obvious good looks, The S Family was flexible and fun.  They were willing to change things up a little and do things more loosely and unplanned, like I like to do it!  🙂

In selecting the photos for tonight’s Sneak Peek, I chose the ones that made me smile….

“Let’s play a game…”


“Walk like….”

Can you guess what they’re doing here?!!  It cracks me up!


“You can tell we don’t have pets!”

That’s what Kristina said when we had to pry the kids away from the stray cat.

It’s like they’d never seen a cat before!  😉


The cat was a little miffed when I took a photo of her during her spa massage from the kids!  Tee hee.  Look at her face!


“Strike a pose!”

Ha!  That was a sentence I never had to say to Aubrey!

She was a natural:  was always aware of the camera and looked beautiful doing anything!


“Looking at these photos make me smile.”  ~me

And isn’t that what photography is all about?!!  Capturing moments that make you smile when you look at them!


“She’ll be a piece of cake!”

That’s what I said when Kristina told me before her shoot started that her littlest one will be hard to photograph.

Do you know what Kristina’s reaction was?  “Nooooo!  Don’t say that!”  (I think she was worried I would jinx it.  Tee hee.)

Anyhow, in the photo below, Tatum was asking me to spin her.  She seemed pretty “warmed up” to me!  🙂


“Can I do that again?”

This is what Collin and Aubrey said to me after they jumped off the table.

How great are these expressions?!!


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