Julia and Her Two Boys

Little David just turned one year old on Thursday!

Julia, David’s mommy, told me how David came into this World early… at 34 weeks!  And look at him now!

This photoshoot is to celebrate this great milestone of David turning one.  Here are some of my favorites to share…

Ding Ding

David is NOT driving a truck or a train, but a cable car! (Cable cars go “ding ding” when someone has to signal to get off.)

Eye Candy For A Photographer

The S-curve, the big mongo tree, the horizontal lines from the stone steps… all with the glowy backlight perfectly placed behind them.

Okay, it was more like I yelled, “Right there!  That one!  Yea, right next to that tree!  Perfect!”  That’s almost the same thing.  😉

Natural Snacks

What is he eating now?  A stick?  Dirt?  A leaf?  Ahhhh…boys.

The Many Faces of David

This is the look my puppy gives me when he thinks I said “let’s go for a walk”.  He looks at me with large wide eyes, lifts his brows and tilts his head.  Hee hee… so cute.

Here I am!

David is a natural explorer and a climber, just like his daddy.  Julia says she really has TWO boys in her home!  😉

More Family Faves

I love the “eye candy” one, but here are a few more that are even less traditional.

Fave Non-Family Shot

Meet Charlotte.

Funniest Shots of the Day

Coming in 2nd place is Aaron going down the slide in a banana box!

Notice that he caught some air?

And the winner is… (drumroll please)

Aaron shining his winning smile while his son eats dirt.  HA HA HA… This one cracks me up!

Really, I laughed when I took this shot and I’m laughing right now as I see it again!

It happened in a matter of seconds.  Julia had gone to find something to wipe David’s hands and I snapped this shot right as David put his finger in his mouth.  Aaron didn’t know until after I captured the moment.

Sports Photography

As I was leaving the park, there was a great basketball game going.  I love this shot.

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