Just BEE You

Yesterday’s lifestyle family photography session in San Mateo was buzzing with excitement.

It started with a bee flying under my ear, into the length of my hair, and attaching itself to the lower back part of my head, just above my hairline!  With not-so-graceful moves, I swung my arms wildly to get it out of my hair, only to have it hold onto my head with a ninja grip…with its STINGER!

Yep, that’s how the photoshoot started.  😐

On the bright side, it could only go up from there!!!  Even with a pounding headache, a lump on my head, and a feeling like I was going to pass out, I met with a new family and had a great shoot.

So the learning here is that there will always be obstacles that try to get in our way (like that buzzing madness of a bug), but we need to continue to go after what we want — be it a balanced lifestyle, a dream vacation, more time with your kids/friends/spouse, desired career.  Don’t let anything get in your way!

BEE Yourself

BEE Gracious

BEE Loving

BEE Playful

BEE Happy

BEE Daring

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