Keith and Rosabel’s Engagement

There are some things that you “just know”!  Let me tell you about my cousin Rosabel.

Rosabel is intelligent, stylish, and charismatic.  She enjoys fine dining, a good laugh, witty banter, and a good pair of jeans.  More than anything, she is someone who doesn’t hesitate to share her opinions.  She is the opposite of the symbolic Disney Princess whose happy ending happens when a man saves her.  Rather, she is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her goals.  She is a force!

And then she met Keith.  <3

She is still all those things, but when she is with him, she turns into an ooey gooey sugary puddle of love.

From the first time I met Keith, I knew they would get married someday.  I really did.  Call it a sixth sense!  I could tell by the way they interact with each other.  The way he looks at her.  The way she allows herself to be ‘soft’ around him.  It is a side of my cousin that I’ve never seen before.  And it’s tearfully sweet.

For their Lifestyle Engagement Photography session, we walked around Rosabel’s neighborhood in San Francisco, hung out by a wine bar where they had their first date, and ended in the Presidio where Keith bikes.  It was a fun-filled afternoon that perfectly represented them.

[Fun fact:  This diamond ring belonged to Keith’s great grandmother!]

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