Keller Turns One

Happy 1st Birthday, Keller!

Keller came prepared for his first photoshoot:  He slept an extra 2 hours (even 1 year old dudes need their beauty rest, ya know!), he started walking 2 days earlier, and he smiled whenever he saw me and my camera!

One of my favorite attributes of this gorgeous little man is his fuzzy, shimmery red, stand-straight-up-in-the-air, look-at-me hair!  I just had to touch it!  (It is really soft, in case you are wondering.)

Look at him go!  He was always on the move.  Needless to say, I was sweating by the end of the photoshoot!  (Okay, TMI!)

This is one of my favorite family shots of the day.  It’s a really natural shot of the family interacting.

I focused on Keller and his dad’s interaction.  It seemed like they were having a special bonding moment.  And I love that the mom is not in focus, but you can see her expression.  It tells a story and makes you look at it longer to figure out what that story is.

The colorful Autumn leaves were everywhere and snowing on us.  It was perfect.

I call this photo:  Keller trying to make an escape!   🙂

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