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Kelley and Oren

Today’s late afternoon engagement session was in the Livermore Valley.  What was hotter than the climate was the love between Kelley and Oren!  WOOT WOOT!

Check out this gorgeous couple.  They look like they just stepped out of a magazine.


In addition to being low key and fun-loving, Oren and Kelley were game for just about anything I threw at them! I absolutely LOVED that about them!  They trusted me and my creative ideas, and that makes a huge difference in the outcome of the images.


I cannot wait for their beach wedding!  Maybe I’ll ask them to dive into the water after the ceremony… Just kidding, Kelley and Oren!  🙂


During their engagement session, there was a lot of laughing…


And kissing…


And gazing…


And embracing!


I spotted this large metal container in an area we were probably not suppose to enter, but I loved the texture and shininess of the metal, so here it is… one of my favorite creative shots of the afternoon!

(Photography tip of the day: Sometimes you have to break the law to get your shot!  Okay, I’m kidding!  Please don’t quote me on that.)


I spotted this fence while driving to our meeting spot.  So I told Oren and Kelley to hang out at the fence and do whatever they felt like.

Here is the result.  Are they not absolutely adorable together?!!


Kelley and Oren, I cannot wait to see you in October and be a part of your special day!

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