Laughter and Music

Yesterday’s extended family photography session was at a special park in San Mateo where the Ting Family have a memorial bench dedicated to their father, husband, and grandfather.

It was a meaningful shoot… and it was full of happiness, laughter and music.

Memorial Bench

The Extended Family & The Big Kids

Swinging in the Sprinkles

Yep, the weather didn’t cooperate this morning.  It was windy, cold and sprinkling rain — but, this didn’t stop the kids (and big kids) from playing!

Group Exercise

Mrs. T teaches exercise classes here, so I asked her to teach the group some things!  It was brilliant.

Mrs. T

She is one gorgeous grandma!

Throwing Ball with Dad

I love the composition with Daddy Jeff in the corner and Nolan’s facial expression as he caught the ball!  Love love!

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!

This was a group of Bieber Believers!  Daddy Jeff put on some Bieber music and everyone started grooving…

C’mon, you’re glad I put this video here, so you can hear it, right?!! 😉

These boys had some serious moves!

The end pose…

Behind the Scenes

It is not always easy to get a 3 and 5 year old to sit next to each other, look cheerful or show emotion.

Below is an example of a sweet shot I captured between two brothers.  You wanna know how it happened?!!

This is what was going on behind me!  Awesome, right?!!

To the T Family:

It was a joy to photograph your family yesterday!  I will have your full gallery up later this week, so stay tuned!



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