Leaving San Francisco

It was 32F degrees when I left this morning for my San Francisco family photography session with the B Family.  Sure it was chilly, but we all quickly forgot about it once the shoot started!

The B family will soon leave the Bay Area, so this shoot is to capture one of their last days here!

Snuggling with Mom

The sunlight, the expressions, the very moment of contact… mooah! I am in love with this image and can look at this all day!


Like A Bird

With dad’s super human strength, Cameron was able to fly like a bird in front of the Bay Bridge!


“You Wanna See My Teeth?”

This little guy was not shy AT ALL.  He was social, smart and charming.

Right from the start of the shoot, Cameron told me about his life, his favorite things, his baby sister and his teeth — just to name a few.

At one point, we talked what we have in common, like how we both love our iPads!  Wait a minute…is he really only 4?!!!


At The Ferry Building

I can’t remember what happened in the below right photo to cause such great expressions, but I find this shot priceless.


Their Family Shadow

I really do love shadows.  I love how you can gather so much information just by looking at one’s shadow — or, in this case, a group’s shadow.

You can tell who is in the family (a mom, a dad, a baby and a little boy).  You can tell how they are walking (the mom is holding the baby on one side, the dad is walking behind everyone).  And you also know it is either early morning or late afternoon because the sun is low.  (Either that or everyone has giraffe legs!)


At The Bookstore


Picking Out Juice

Look at how the very bright florescent light shows off Isla’s innocent face.

I also loved the fridge for its pattern of colors and shapes for a shot of Isla’s hair.  (I love her perfect swirl and tiny baby curls.)


A Breakfast For Champions


The ice cream store wasn’t even open yet, but the store employees saw how Isla and Cameron’s faces lit up when they arrived and unlocked their door.  So they couldn’t resist giving the kids a scoop!


This shot of Cameron feeding his little sister a bite of ice cream is very Norman Rockwell.  Thus, I had to post-process it as such!


To The B Family:

The Bay Area will miss you!  Have a safe journey to your new home.

And Cameron, you tell your mommy and daddy to email me whenever you come to visit the Bay Area so I can play with you again, okay Buddy?  🙂



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