Light Lovah

In the past few months, I’ve had more afternoon/early evening shoots, and I’ve gotta say, I am loving the light!  You can call me Light Lovah (not “lover”, but “love-ah”)!

Sorry, it’s past midnight and when I’m tired, it’s like I’m intoxicated!  My humor gets sloppy and I become incoherent.  The good part is I save on alcohol costs because I don’t need any.  The bad part is that my blog readers will suffer. *big cheesy grin*

So today’s shoot was suppose to be starring Kyle.  (More on that later!)

Kyle is a cute little 15 months old boy who learned to walk when he was 10  months old!  Yes, 10 months.  So now at 15 months, he is a World Class sprinter!  His mom (the gorgeous Cathryn) laughed whenever she saw me running after him.

All I can say is, I’m happy to get my daily exercise… and I will do just about anything — including, but not limited to, climbing, running, making ridiculous animal sounds, and doing silly dances — to get the shots I want of my little clients!

Pulling the Stroller

[Photography tip: Kyle spent a lot of time pushing and pulling the stroller, so as a Lifestyle Photographer, I wanted to capture him doing this activity.  However, since the stroller was loaded with bags, toys, and snacks, I knew it wouldn’t look so “pretty” on camera.  So, what can you do?  Consider changing the perspective.  If I shot this from the side, as many would, I’d see all the clutter and it wouldn’t end up being an artistic shot.  So I thought about what I liked:  Kyle’s little face, the bold red of the stroller canopy, and the lush green grass.  From this angle, I got all my favorite pieces and it became a more striking image.  This is my artistic preference, and yours may be something else.  The learning here is to consider other perspectives, and sometimes the best one is not the one you think of first.]


One Happy Boy


I love his teethy smile and the way the light highlights his dancing hair.

The image also tells a story.  Even without motion blur, you can tell he is actually swinging because of his hair.


Rainbow Flare

This is the best flare I’ve ever seen.  They are multi-colors and streaming across the center, diving my two subjects.  Ooh, so pretty!  What tops it off is Kyle cracking up and his cute lil’ toddler limbs dangling!


Say Yes to Maternity Portraits!

Can you believe that Cathryn didn’t want maternity portraits?  Hello?!!  Look at how gorgeous she is!  And she is in her 8th month!

I completely understand not feeling your best when you are in your 3rd trimester.  Hey, I’ve been there… three times!  This is when it’s important to choose the right photographer.  Some kinds of photography, like maternity and newborn photography, rely considerably on trust.

Let me repeat.  What it comes down to is:  Do you trust your photographer to make you look your best and feel your best? That last part is very important because if you don’t feel [insert word, ie. happy, pretty, sexy], then it will show in the images.  Photos don’t lie.


Yummy Yum Yum


I don’t usually share my favorite-favorites in a sneak peek, but I just HAVE TO share the next two with y’all.  It’s mostly because the image captured the kind of tenderness that you can’t plan or stage.  And, of course, the too-delicious-for-words light!

My Two Faves


My absolute favorite image of the day is….

Wait for it…..

Wait for it…..



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