Little Geniuses

I love kids.  That’s a fact.

I think kids are little geniuses who know what’s important in life:

  1. eat when you’re hungry

  2. sleep when you’re tired

  3. get in as much play time as you can

  4. hold on to what you love

  5. fight for what you love when someone tries to take it away

  6. let those close to you know how you feel

See what I mean?  They are SMAHT!  (said with a Boston accent, which I don’t have, but think would be cool to turn ‘on’ once in awhile just for kicks)

We, adults (myself included), sometimes forget that the kids in our lives can teach us a thing or two.  We just have to remember to stop, listen and learn.

This week’s Lifestyle Family Photography session was of The C Family who have three delightful children whom I’ve known for many years.  They are no exception to my theory that kids are geniuses.

Man, I love this family!!!

Can you tell who won the game?

This last image is one of my favorites.  You know I love flare, emotive images, and images that tell a story… but all three in one shot?!! 

Oh yea, baby.  I am doing the Happy Dance!  🙂

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