Little Miss Molly

Molly, at 18 months, likes to laugh and run!  Boy is she fast!  We were all tuckered out from chasing her.  🙂

The last time I saw her, she was just a baby.  She could sit up, but not stand yet, unless she held onto something.  (I didn’t have a blog yet, so I can’t refer you to those photos.  But trust me, she was a cutie pie back then, too!)

Here are some photos from today’s shoot.  It is always a lot of fun for me to take photos for a return client.  Like I said in a former blog post, it’s like seeing old friends.

In the photo below, you can really see Molly’s personality.

I love the pattern of the ground and how you can see the light reflecting from her dark eyes.  So beautiful.

I love capturing different perspectives.

One is from the back where you can see Molly’s little pigtails.  You can tell her age (that she’s a toddler) just by the way she’s standing.

The other is from down below where the focus is on her face, but you see mom brushing dirt off of her little toddler feet.  I love that you see the big blue sky in 50% of the photo and see only parts of mom’s hands.

We found this cute little bistro-like set-up hidden away.  It had flowers all around in bright vivid colors.

I wanted to capture flowers in front of them rather than take the shot from the side, so I had to almost climb into the garden.  (I said almost!)

One of my favorite shots of the day…

Ya gotta love how her little round head is sticking out from these hard, structured columns!  And the lighting was soft and hazy, which actually makes this a ‘soft’ photo.

I love the little droplets of water falling from the fountain like beads of crystal.  But my favorite part of that is how the fountain frames the photo.  You can even see the mosaic tiles that line the inside of the fountain.

I was standing on the side of the fountain to capture this shot!  Now you know why I wear sneakers to my shoots!

All the shadows created beautiful patterns on the ground.

Another fountain photo — I couldn’t resist.  I wanted to share this one because I wanted to show how light changes everything.  The light at this fountain hit the water differently than at the first fountain.

At this point, it was almost mid-day, so the sun was brighter.  I took advantage of the harsh sun by letting it reflect off the water, thus creating a glimmery effect.

I also like how Cecilia and Molly aren’t looking at the camera; they’re just hanging out by the water.  It tells a nice story.

This last photo was taken at the end of our shoot, while we were walking to our cars.  Little Molly was tired as you can see:  she’s not smiling or running here!

I think this is a beautiful photo because it shows a different expression on Molly.  The expressions are very real, and the photo also captures a tender moment with mom.

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