Little Pineapple Bun

There aren’t many baby photoshoots that are truly lifestyle photography.  This one was!  The C. Family went about their afternoon and I followed them around.  It was so much fun.

There were so many fun and interesting shots that my “sneak peek” is more like a “long gander”.  So enjoy the Long Gander folks!  🙂

Mystery Eyes

Julianne’s eyes were brown with a grey ring.  Or was it brownish-olive with a grey ring?

You can really see how gorgeous they are in this shot with the window light hitting her face.

Hanging Out in Bed

Here is daddy Jason checking out Julianne’s “pineapple” do — hence, her grandparents’ nickname for her:  “Pineapple Bun”!  🙂

Little Angel

Julianne looks so peaceful and angelic in the white light, on the white chair.  The contrast against the shadowed walls makes this image really pop.

Baking Cookies

Reading Time

Notice what they’re reading?  Julianne is paying attention too!  This 4-month old is Harvard-bound… correction!  Cal-bound!  🙂

Chillin’ in the Yard

Literally, it was chilly in the yard — so we avoided it and stayed indoors.

…until the end of the shoot.  Then they all endured the cold for some outdoor shots.  The light was so even and bright.

This is one of my favorite family shots.  Emily and Julianne were watching me shoot Jason.  (It was not staged.)

And do you see Baby Jules’ face?!!  So funny.

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