Love You with Kisses

What a big difference a year makes!

The first time I photographed David, he had just turned one year old.  He was this adorable little crawling fellow who was curious, smiley and ate dirt!  [Click here to see photos from August 2009.]

Today’s photoshoot had a whole lotta love!  It wasn’t obvious to me until I got home and started going through the images that I noticed just how many images I had of the F. family kissing each other.  How sweet is that?!!

Don’t Kiss Daddy!

With 2-year olds, you can’t tell them what to do, so why not tell them what NOT to do?  It worked for David!

I am madly in love with this series, and I think they’re stunning in BxW bec you focus all your attention on the father and son moment.




Eyeing David’s Snack

David’s new baby sister, 10-month old Georgia, enjoyed sitting next to David during this morning’s snack break, but oooooh, those crackers looked pretty tasty!  🙂


Balloon Boy


In the Woods

I always tell my clients they don’t have to look at me.  They can look at their environment, look at their child, look at each other, play, talk, listen.  Whatever feels natural.


Scaring You Makes Me Laugh

This was the game we played to get this sweet photo!  David would try to scare me with his bear noises and I would show him I was scared, which made him crack up!

I am not embarrassed to make a fool of myself during a family photoshoot when I get images like this one.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I look at it.  (Did I say “fuzzy”?)


Family Flare

A double entendre!  Of course this family has flare.  I was also digging the sunlight at this angle, so I directed the shot to get the flare from the sun!  Having flare lends a more relaxed tone to The Family Portrait, which I like!



This awesome tree served as my prop, furniture and backdrop!  Now if it would only fold up and fit into my trunk, so I can take it on all my photoshoots…

[FYI to Photographers: I put Julia in the open shade, so she would have a softer, diffused light to match her femininity and sweet personality.]



[FYI to Photographers: For Aaron, I wanted a completely different look, but we had a 2-year old and a puppy to watch and limited time.  So this is the same location, same tree, as where I shot Julia!  They were positioned only 1 to 2 feet apart.  The brighter sunlight and greater contrasts make Aaron look strong and masculine.]


And finally….

A Family Kiss


Hey, where was Georgia?  We’ll have to include her next time.  Tee hee.

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