This was Maddie’s first photoshoot, and it was also her first birthday just a couple weeks ago!  Yay, Maddie!

Since Maddie isn’t walking yet and it was a very windy and brisk day, we spent most of our time inside her house and then took a short walk around the neighborhood for some outdoor shots.  Enjoy the sneak peek!

An Important Call

Maddie is taking a moment to tell us to “shush” as she is finishing up on an important call!  That’s what it looks like anyway!

(FYI to photographers:  This series of shots were all about working the modern wallpaper!  I loved it right when I saw it and had an idea of what kind of image I wanted.  The wallpaper was in the dining room, the phone lived in a hallway, and the table was from the living room; so there was a lot of rearranging of furniture to set up this mini client studio!  Millo, Maddie’s mom, had a large number of outfits for me to choose from, so I chose this mint green outfit, which I think worked perfectly.)



Who needs an actual telephone when you have a hand?!  🙂

This shot makes me laugh!


Look Into My Eyes!

Maddie will be able to get her way when she is older (tee hee) just by the way she looks piercingly into your eyes!  I loooooove this shot.  LOVE!

There’s actually a lot going on here — the ruffles on her sleeve, the scalloped hat, the bottle, the patterned blanket — but, you still notice her eyes first!


The Human Swing

Daddy Jeff really knew how to get Maddie’s laughter going!


Flying High

This is one of my favorite creative shots of the day.

I composed the shot to include the antique chandelier in the upper right corner and balanced it will Maddie in the lower left corner.  The moldings in the wall and ceiling give the image a more architectural design.

(FYI to photographers:  For shots of young children and babies, you need to think fast with creative compositions.  Young children and babies don’t hold poses, especially for the camera, it seems!  So you need to be aware of your surroundings and oftentimes, come up with ideas on the fly!  Tee hee, no pun intended!)


Some Favorite Family Shots

These images prove you don’t need a spectacular location to create nice images.  This was neither a park, a garden or a yard.  It was a little strip between a small road and a gigantic, busy street.  Who would’ve thunked?



The below right photo is Maddie blowing on her skin to make that “bbbbbb” sound.  Pretty funny!

(FYI to photographers:  These were taken outdoors in natural light, and the pretty bluish-gray color background is actually the paved road behind her!)


My Favorite Baby Outfit

I mean seriously!  Is there a baby outfit cuter than no outfit?  I think not!

(FYI for photographers:  It was close to noon at this time, so the sun was high in the sky (ie, bad portrait lighting), but we were indoors, so it was perfect!  Look how soft the light is on Maddie’s skin.)


Happy birthday, Maddie!  You will discover lots of wondrous things this year.  And you are one lucky girl… I know you have two very adoring parents!  ~Annie

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