Made With Love

Rachad and Priti look at each other in such a way that I swear I see cartoon hearts come out of their eyeballs while loud horns sound!  Okay, so maybe I’ve been watching too many cartoons.  😉  They have these two adorable kids who hug each other for no reason, play “choo choo train” with sticks, and can do a mean dance to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” that resulted in me singing the chorus without a care in the World while dog-walkers and joggers moved behind me!

Maya was like my shadow that day as she kept finding interesting things to tell me, and she’d hold my hand periodically during the shoot as if she had forgotten I was there to photograph them.  🙂  At the end, little Samir, whom I’ve known for three years (I did his Newborn Shoot!), gave me this squeeze-like hug that made my heart swell.

The entire shoot — including the beautiful picnic spread with yogurt parfait in personalized mason jars and fruit kabobs — was made with love.  Love was everywhere.  Not even the dense fog that blocked our view of the Bay and the morning’s surprise running event could spoil the great morning we had together.

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