Measurement of Success

I don’t consider myself “wise” by any means, but the one thing I am certain of is the importance of defining “success” based on happiness, which is internal — rather than external factors, like the size of my office, what car I drive and how much money I have.

This learning did not come easily as it took the passing of my father, a major career change, and lots of self-searching to discover.

Why am I thinking about this on an early Monday morning?

While I sipped my caramel mocha, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched my little Ava playing next to me.  (She turned 2 yesterday!)

Then I got an email from a client that read:

I just wanted to say I can’t stop looking (and smiling) at the gallery, the photos are just amazing  🙂 Thanks so much for the happiness!!

I love what I do everyday.  Being with my family.  Shooting on weekends.  Editing photos, working with clients, blogging.  And when I hear how happy my artwork makes my clients, I feel so fulfilled!

I hope to teach my monkeys to define their own success and to be brave enough to go for it!

Have a great Monday, my friends.  I hope this 4-image series from one of my recent client galleries will help start off your week with a chuckle!

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