Mother’s Day Lifestyle Shoot

It was a rainy day today, which was perfect for a lifestyle family photoshoot at someone’s home.

Today’s shoot was a feast for me.  We had set-up baby portraits, mom and baby intimate portraits, couple portraits, and editorial/photojournalistic shots of the family doing their ‘thing’!


Riccardo was wondering who this stranger was who entered their home and kept pointing big black boxes at him!

It is I, Annie, and I am here to play paparazzi!  😉


A Ukelele Concert


Happy Happy!

There was no shortage of smiles in this family!


Shark Attack!

Daddy Fabio and 23-month old Riccardo play this shark attack game, which is hilarious!  Riccardo runs out from another room and the cute fuzzy shark tackles him.

This photo makes me smile!  I love the story it tells…

Riccardo’s face and hand position shows his anticipation of the shark attack.  And the best part is, I composed the image so you can see Cristiana and baby Leonardo’s faces in the mirror!  Both their expressions are priceless.


Popping Bubbles

Capturing a toddler’s activity is so much fun!


Some of my favorite portraits of the boys…

Riccardo (23 months old)

I love the beautiful lighting from the doorway, the relaxed expression on Riccardo’s face, and the colors of the furniture tying together with Riccardo’s vest.

Without stating the location of this photo, you can tell it is Riccardo’s warm home because of these factors.


Leonardo (3 months)

This happy, smiley baby is not smiling here, but it is one of my favorites of Leonardo because his eyes are so piercing here!  You can tell he is thinking of something.


Tender Moments

Everything came together for this shot:  the clouds rolled in and served as natural softboxes, Cristiana’s hair falling around her face, and the beautiful real moment between a loving mother and her sweet baby.  Perfecto!


I love Leonardo’s limp left arm hanging over his mom’s arm.  It shows his comfort in his mommy’s nurturing embrace.  So sweet!



When Riccardo started playing choo-choo on his baby brother’s FACE, I was gasping, “No no!  Don’t do that!” but I kept hearing this clicking sound.

Oh, whoops.  That was me.  I was snapping away with my camera!  <:)


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