Mr Pigeon and the W Family

I had the pleasure of seeing The W’s this morning for their family photography session in San Francisco.

All my clients are special, but The W’s are special in a different way.  When I had their first shoot in 2009, Lisa (the mommy) and I were both pregnant.  AND GET THIS…

We went into labor about the same time and were at the same hospital, even though our due dates were weeks apart and we lived in different counties!  (It was with the beauty of social media that we learned we were at the same hospital.)

I, of course, had my camera with me, so I waddled to their hospital room to take a few photos of their new baby boy!  How cool is that?!!

Shooting Details

Wedding photographers know to capture detail images of the events they’re covering, but what about for family photography?

[Photography Tip: It’s on a smaller scale than weddings and other life events, but for on-location family photography, there is still a lot of planning that goes into it!  The location, the outfits, the shoes, etc.  So next time you’re on a family shoot, notice the details that your clients put thought into and capture those.  A good time to do that is in the beginning of the shoot when clients are warming up.]

For this morning’s shoot, I had a lot of time to capture the location.  It was a peaceful and quiet morning with beautiful dusty fog.


In my last couple sneak peeks I’ve had shots of shadows, so I found this one to be a HOOT and had to share!

Mr Pigeon trotted around this cold, early morning in search of a blueberry scone….or so he said!

(And if you’re wondering, the answer is:  Yes, I do find myself funny.  I’m cracking myself up right now!)


“A Sneaky Peek”

That’s what I’m calling a true sneak peek where I don’t reveal much.


Alright, I can’t do it.  Here are a couple of my faves of the kids!


His hair is one of the coolest I’ve seen.  It had natural highlights and lowlights, and some strands had various colors…like reddish tips to this blonde hair!

I’d show you a photo of Ian in color, so you can see what I mean…but then it wouldn’t be a “Sneaky Peek”!   🙂



It was great to see her after 2 years….and she still looked the same, just a lot bigger!


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