Newborn Evy

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Baby Evelyn (nicknamed “Evy”) was born on October 11th, almost 2 weeks early.  Even at 5 tiny pounds, she is alert and moves all around like she can’t wait to go on a run with mom!

During my morning photographing this precious little girl, I was the most impressed with how relaxed and at ease her parents were.  They don’t even seem like first-time parents!  Brent and Heather made jokes when the diaper exploded and were tickled by the expressions Evy made.

There was nothing Evy could do that would make them unhappy or stressed.  It was so refreshing to watch.

Sleepy Evy

Love At First Sight

True Colors

Doing Push-Ups

This is seriously one of the funniest newborn photos ever, am I right?!!   🙂

Evy was lifting her legs as if attempting to get up and began “rooting” (finding mom with her mouth) the blanket.  In this shot, she is doing both simultaneously.


Pumpkin Baby Announcement

Smiles and ZZZZs

Favorite Holiday

Halloween is Heather and Brent’s favorite holiday, so it was perfect timing to give birth to Evy in October.

Favorite Pumpkin

Guess which pumpkin is Heather and Brent’s favorite?  And don’t say the round one on the right!  🙂

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