Newborn Zac

One of my favorite couples in the World were recently blessed with THE most amazing “gift”:  a new baby!  It makes my eyes water just thinking about how amazing Mike and Andrew’s life will change with their new addition of Baby Zac.  I know in my heart that Zac’s life will be a great one with parents who will love him beyond what’s imaginable and who will be great teachers of compassion, art and humanity.

And last but not least, Zac also has the most awesome Auntie Annie (*wink wink*) who he can always count on when he can’t talk to his parents and who is also his very own personal paparazzi.  Talk about icing on the cake!  😉

Since I just returned from our trip this morning, I haven’t gone through all their images yet.  But I am too excited that I must share a few tasty ones today.  It’s like a sneak peek of their Sneak Peek!  🙂

Enjoy these few visual treats of 8 week old Zac…

The Determined Look

“Who Me?!!”

Zac is practicing his innocent look for when he is a toddler and becomes mobile and curious!  (Hey, it’d work on me!  Just look at that face!)

The Sweetest Bathroom

(FYI to Photographers:  The sink — though beautiful and perfectly clean — made for a pretty newborn set, but it wasn’t the most comfortable place for a naked baby, so we had him in there for about 10 seconds!  As an artist, I want to get the perfect shot, but it is imperative to always keep in mind the safety and comfort of your subjects.  Don’t wait until they say something.  In the case of Baby Zac, if I took longer and waited til he fussed, we would potentially miss critical shots after this set because he would no longer be happy.)

And A Smile!  WOOHOOO!

Daddy Andrew stood to my left and got Zac’s attention for this shot.  It made Zac turn towards his dad and give a little gummy smile!

Stay tuned for another sneak peek of Zac!

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