No Props Necessary

Yesterday’s East Bay newborn photography session was a perfect example of why you don’t need a lot of props and gizmos for a great newborn session.

All you need is a blanket, some wipes and diapers, a heater, warm milk and a couple of loving parents.  Check, check, check, check, check!

Sweet Caroline

Baby Caroline is so advanced that she will be narrating this sneak peek!  🙂

Dreaming of Milk

I always dream of happy things when my parents are holding my hands.

My Latest Trick

Check out my neck control and how alert I am at 4 weeks old!

Big Bro

This is my brother, Oliver. We don’t look very much alike.  He has green eyes.

He hides under the bed and sleeps in the sink.  He’s teaching me a lot!  I’ll have to try that some day when I’m older.

My Folks

Mommy gives the best kisses. She is my first love.

This is my dad.  He loves holding me, and I always feel better when he does!


All this modeling stuff is making me tired!

Enjoy your first Mother’s Day, Brie!  Your gallery will be ready for viewing in about a week.



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