Now and Then: The C Family

The C. Family signed up for my Now and Then Collection earlier this year.

In the span of under 4 months, the C Family went from a family of three to a family of 4!


Here is a shot of Alice and her 9 months belly!  You can click here to see more photos from that July, 2009 session.


And these photos are from today…


All Smiles

Evan, at 3 months old, was full of smiles.  He would smile every time I looked at him!

Evan’s dad, James, claims Evan isn’t always this way, but ha!  I don’t believe him.  Evan was chillin’ and smilin’ for most of the session!


Piercing Eyes

I waited and waited to get a shot of Evan lifting his head enough to catch the light in his eyes.  And voila!

He has amazing eye color that looks goldish-brown with hints of blue!

I love this angle of his head because it looks perfectly round and you can see his adorable double-chin.  The “circle” of his head also matches all the circles of color behind him.


Daddy is Funny

James was hilarious to watch when he was entertaining Baby Evan.  He even got Alice and I laughing.


Cuddle Time

I brightened this image a tad to purposely get the bottom washed out.  I think it makes the photo look dream-like.


Your Wish is My Command

Thankfully for me, Evan is not my son because I’d probably give him EVERYTHING he wanted if he looked at me with those eyes!  😉

Does he not have the sweetest face?!!


Where was Nathan you ask?  He was busy playing in the sand, sweeping the ground with branches, running, climbing, and laying down.

The Landscape

I took this shot to highlight Nathan’s facial profile in such a way that it’d look like landscape!

And I loooove the colors in this image.  The background looks like a playground of colors.  Okay, pun intended.  It WAS a playground!


Water Play

Nathan thought there was a water fountain at this park, but the only water was on the grass and from this drinking fountain!

So why not play with the drinking fountain?!!  Yeeha!


Amazing Light

Good photographers take photos of things (ie., people, places, animals, objects).  Great photographers take photos of light.

It is the light on Nathan’s face that makes this photo incredibly interesting.

(FYI to photographers: This image is straight-out-of-the camera.  There was no editing performed.)


Autumn Fun in the Sun

It is the end of October, but the weather still says Summer.  It was in the mid-70s and sunny!


A Natural Family Photo

We shot a few formal family photos, but this time, I told the parents to let Nathan do what he wanted and not ask him to sit if he didn’t want to.

Part of the fun in capturing a 2.5 year old’s spirit is to let him be independent.  And this is one of the shots I got from letting him do what he wanted.

Nathan was playing with me by running to the bench to get apple slices and then running towards me and stopping right in front of my camera to show me the handful of apple slices clenched between his teeth!  It made for wonderful, natural shots of the family.


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